1. 1942

  2. Cambodian security officers carry a woman during a protest over land disputes near the National Assembly in Phnom Penh.
    Aug27 2014
    Samrang Pring/Reuters

  3. 1941

  4. 1940

  5. Palestinian children hold guns as they celebrate with others what they said was a victory over Israel, following a ceasefire in Gaza City.
    Aug26 2014
    Suhaib Salem/Reuters

  6. 1939

  7. A riot policeman is set on fire by a molotov cocktail thrown by a small group of anti-government protesters during clashes in San Cristobal, Venezuela.
    Aug26 2014
    George Castellanos/AFP/Getty

  8. 1938

  9. A Bangladeshi child worker poses during a break as he makes aluminium bowls at a small factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The workers get 2/3 euro per day while they work in unsafe conditions.
    Aug25 2014
    Abir Abdullah/EPA

  10. 1937

  11. I Must Not Copy What I See on Simpsons by Banksy